Dyeing yarn came as a natural progression from making project bags. I do employ different dye techniques, depending on the color I wish to achieve. Acid dyes are used mostly but I have some colorways from food dyes as well. The difference between the dyes was a fun exploration in color.  A food coloring leaves a soft color while the acids create a bold statement!  All of the yarns have the color sealed and then rinsed till clear. 

A new base of Highland  wool will be in the shop soon! I chose this combination for a soft, yet strong yarn.  The Highland sheep is a cross between Corriedale for strength and Merino  for softness.  After knitting with it, I'm  sure you will agree.  This yarn will be available in a fingering weight and a collection of semisolid colors.  Below is a photo of color testing on the new Highland  base.  The photo to the right shows the fluffiness of the Highland (left) to the Merino/Nylon base.

color testing