Not being able to visit a yarn store makes me use stash. That can be a good thing if you have the yarn for the item you are wanting to knit. I make a lot of socks so my sock yarn is fully stocked. As well as a bit of hand spun if I am so inclined. 


 I love books and I don't have a stash because I read then sell back to Half Priced Books. Knit reading is my favorite hobby that has become an addiction since this isolation started. But, I was in desperate need of reading material. I did try ebooks but holding a paper book is just so much more fun. Seeing a stack of paperbacks and hard covers sitting on a shelf just makes me smile. 

Enter The Book Outlet... my new love. It has better prices and more inventory. It does take several days, its not Amazon Prime, to receive your order so I have decided to keep a 'par' so I am never left running low or (gasp) out of books.

Another added benefit is you learn to knit without looking and that sock will fly off the needles when you get to a good part of the book.