I hope you all had a chance to enter the giveaway. The winner was chosen by random for a skein in the colorway of their choice. The winner chose a purple-white colorway that I dyed up as a custom order. I just love taking inspiration from other crafters and make it come to life in a skein. 

I am also working on embroidering a lavender sachet. The lavender in the garden is producing so much that I had to come up with an idea to use it. My other hobby of embroidery  gave me the idea to embroider a lavender plant and make a small sachet. If you live in an area that may have moths that would be tempted to get into your wool stash, lavender is the best deterrent. It’s a much more pleasing smell that moth balls, right? It’s still a work in progress. 

Happy crafting and have a great weekend,