My 100 days of blogging has reached the end. Truthfully, I didn't find it difficult to add blogging to my daily routine. There were a few days that I was searching for a topic but once I sat down to my laptop and filled in the title, the topic would come to me. Some days the blogging was better than others, at least that's how I perceived it. Overall, I call it a success. I will continue to blog on more than  shop news just not sure how many times a week I will do it. Fridays will be kept as news regarding my shop. I do hope that you enjoyed keeping up with me these past 100 days and I was able to bring new ideas and inspiration to your own fiber crafting.

Today I am busy cutting fabric for some new bags and, of course, notion pouches. I do love a cute pouch. 

Happy crafting and have a great day,