My oldest daughter drives a stick shift and living in the desert Southwest her gear shift gets too hot to handle.  She asked if I could knit a cover for it and I did find a really cute pattern called the Gear Stick Sock. I grabbed some sock yarn from deep stash and set to work. Later in the afternoon a serious storm blew in. The last time we had measureable rain here was March so we were excited to see a lot of water from the sky. I could actually hear my flowers sing. Unfortunately, the power shut off at 3:30pm and that also shut off knitting. Dinner turned from ribs in the Instant Pot to Domino's and a long night of restless tossing and turning as the temp in the house rose. The power didn't get restored until 3:30am. More rain storms are predicted for today and hopefully the power will stay on. I can't  possibly miss another day of crafting!

Gear stick sock

I did have some good news yesterday. I won the Halcyon pattern by Dana Gervais. I entered the Colorful Creativity giveaway and received the pattern. I will be casting these on later today. It looks like a fun pattern with the lace bits.

Halcyon Pattern

   Happy crafting and stay cool in a well lit place,