All I wanted to do yesterday was sew and sew. I finished sewing the make up remover pads and then cut fabric for a trash bag for my husband's car.   The passenger seat and floor are always littered with wrappers and trash. I had to ride in his car a few days ago when it was sprinkling. We started in my car only to find the wiper blades were needing to be replaced. Sitting in the sun, the rubber blades only last a year or two. We don't need to use them often but we do need them. Anyway, climbing into his car was like navigating a war zone. He needed a bag, hopefully, he will use it. I had a jelly roll of this fabric that I was saving for not sure what. It made a cute trash bag. The back side of the bag is the same fabric and it's lined with a cream color. It is 10" tall and 8 1/2" wide.

 What are you crafting today?