I woke up to the sound of rain drops. Most of you probably hear that quite often but it hasn't rained here since March. My flowers are doing a happy dance to have rainwater instead of hose water. Even my dog (Penelope) trotted outside not really caring if her feet got wet. She is a diva so this is a very big deal. My husband and I are planning to go to a famers market this morning. Carrying an umbrella or dodging the rain will be a nice treat. The forcast is for rain all day so we are really excited. Just to not see the sun for a day is a big deal. With temps usually in the 100's, a cloudy 80's day is something to be celebrated.   We have never been to this market so I am hoping for lotions, soaps and candles along with some fresh produce. They even have 8 food trucks so my husband is raring to go. 

Happy crafting and make it a great day, rain or sun,