Yesterday I finished dyeing several skeins in  2 new colorways. They dried outside and now they are hanked and put away until photo day. Today I am taking a day to work on my personal projects but I'm faced with decision paralysis. I stood in my craft room and looked around trying  to make a choice as to which project I wanted to get into. 

  1. Continue my current spinning project (Merino) 
  2. Knit the May square for my blanket project
  3. Sew a patchwork notions pouch
  4. Sew a new bag design
  5. Continue my sock design (just turned the heel)
  6. Continue the second sock from deep stash yarn (turn the heel)
  7. Continue my cabled fingerless glove pattern 
  8. Finish a quilt
  9. Hand embroider on my LilliPopo project
  10. Start something new in either knitting, crochet, spinning, sewing ,embroidery, design

Just writing it all down has increased my paralysis or is it that I don't want to do any of the above project? Hulu binge or Netflix? I will need to make a decision soon or I will sit here running down a Pinterest or Etsy rabbit hole and not accomplish anything. 

Tune in tomorrow and see what comes....or doesn't

Happy crafting and have a great productive day,