Today is a dyeing day in preparation for the show at Tempe Yarn and Fiber on April 21. The customers were unfamiliar with a sock set so I knit up a sock using the Leo colorway. The sets have become very popular and the inventory runs out quickly. So, sock sets are in the pots. In addition to the yarn, I am sewing up some project bags. But, these bags won't be put in the shop until after the show.   

Dye Pots Simmering

Yesterday afternoon I slammed my finger in the sliding glass door. It hurt so bad, I thought I had broke it in two. After a few minutes I was able to take a look and was pleasantly surprised to see my finger intact. This morning the nail is   bruised and unfortunately knitting is painful. Ugh, no knitting for me, today anyway.  I will not include a photo, don't worry.

Happy Crafting and have a great day,