As I watch the morning news and see that parts of the country are faced with snow storms and tornados I am thankful that I live in the southwest, the valley of the (endless) sun.   I won't be shoveling snow but raking the leaves out of the rock yard.

 During the winter months, I grow a dye garden and veggie garden. My veggie garden went crazy and I harvested more tomatoes that we could use. Actually, I would be happy if I never saw another cherry tomato. Next year's garden will not include them. The dye garden includes Marigolds and Mums. The Marigolds are continuing to bloom so I pick they blossoms so keep them flowering. The Mums are just beginning the bloom. I have 4 of these plants that will produce many flowers.       

The afternoon includes lounging on the couch with a bag full of knitting and a cold iced coffee with the a/c running as the high will be 90 degrees.  

Happy crafting and have a relaxed day,