My oldest daughter requested shorty socks. I love the idea of scrappy socks but weaving all the ends prevented me from casting on. After looking through my collection of yarn bits I decided to try knitting the socks. I found that the thought of using up the yarn bits and planning the next color was rather addictive! I keep my little bits in a beautiful crystal vase prominently displayed in my craft room. Needless to say, I have many leftovers that I may have to make more scrappy socks. Because of their addictive nature they do knit up quickly.  When I knit socks, it is the final project not the process that keeps me going. Sometimes I'm so anxious  to have the socks that I must make a conscience effort not to bind off the second sock too soon and make them short.

Do you have enough yarn bits?


 Have a great day and happy crafting,